Hit List


Primary CGL Limits $1,000,000./$2,000,000./$2,000,000./$1,000,000

    Deductibles starting at $1,000.   Minimum Premiums start at $4,000.

Excess Limits up to $10,000,000. on certain classes

 Minimum Policy Premium start at $2,500.

Here are some classes we can consider:


Adhesive Manufacturer
Building Material Dealers
Commercial Contractors of all types
Computer Manufacturer
Carpentry Contractors
Cell Tower Erection / Maintenance
Children's Toys Manufacturer
Clothing Manufacturer
Convenient Stores / Gas Stations
Cosmetic Manufacturer
Demolition Contractors
Distribution Operations
Electric Apparatus Manufacturer
Electronic Equipment Manufacturer
Elevator or Escalator Installation / Repair
Equipment Repair / Installation
Exercise Equipment Mfg.
Food Products Manufacturing
Fire Suppression Contractors
Furniture Manufacturer
Games Manufacturer
Hotels/ Motels
Lessor’s Risk Only Exposures
Machinery Manufacturer
Night Clubs (excluding Liquor)
Parking Garages
Plastic & Rubber Goods Manufacturer Playground Equipment Manufacturer
Real Estate Management
Renewable Energy Contractors
Residential Repair / Remodeling Contractors Restaurants incl. Liquor Liability Roofing Contractors
Solar Panel Manufacturing / Installation Shopping Centers                                              Sign Manufactures & Installation
Start-Up Operations
Steel Erectors
Street & Road Construction
Tank Construction, Installation and Repair
Tool Manufacturer
Toys Manufacturer
Vacant Buildings & Vacant Land
Valve Manufacturer
Wind Turbine Installation / Repair
Window Washers
Wood Products
 Zoos and Aquariums
Discontinued Products Liability
Owner’s & Contractor’s Protective Liability


Let us look at your Programs – Existing or New – Any size

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